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Warehouse Management and Inventory Control Cover Image
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Warehouse Management and Inventory Control is a fun, accessible, and comprehensive first look at the world of warehouses and inventory that can easily be used as a textbook in the college, community college, and high school setting. It is written in an engaging, fun, and accessible style and every chapter includes interesting case studies or exercises. It is also a useful reference for those in the business world new to warehouse management and inventory control. The chapters of Warehouse Management and Inventory Control are: The Role of Warehousing in Logistics and Supply Chain Management * Inbound Processes in Warehouse Management * Internal Processes: Putaway * Internal Processes: Materials Handling * Internal Processes: The Unit Load * Internal Processes: Inventory Management and Control Systems * Outbound Processes: Inventory Issue * Outbound Processes: Distribution * Safety and Security in Warehouse and Inventory Management * Information Technology Systems * Customer Service and the Warehouse * The Rapidly Changing Future of Warehouse Management. A Warehouse Management and Inventory Control Teaching Pack will also soon be available from the publisher that includes answers to the book's exercises, activities and games, homework assignments, test questions for each chapter, and suggestions and resources for adapting the materials for online instruction. With the Warehouse Management and Inventory Control Teaching Pack, an entire semester of content is at your fingertips.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781934231043
ISBN-10: 1934231045
Publisher: Access Education
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2015
Pages: 278
Language: English

Warehouse Management and Inventory Control (Paperback)