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If She Wakes (Hardcover)

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Two women fight for their lives against an enigmatic killer in this electrifying novel from a New York Times bestselling author and "master" of thriller writing (Stephen King).

Tara Beckley is a senior at idyllic Hammel College in Maine. As she drives to deliver a visiting professor to a conference, a horrific car accident kills the professor and leaves Tara in a vegetative state. At least, so her doctors think. In fact, she's a prisoner of locked-in syndrome: fully alert but unable to move a muscle. Trapped in her body, she learns that someone powerful wants her dead--but why? And what can she do, lying in a hospital bed, to stop them?

Abby Kaplan, an insurance investigator, is hired by the college to look in to Tara's case. A former stunt driver, Abby returned home after a disaster in Hollywood left an actor dead and her own reputation--and nerves--shattered. Despite the fog of trauma, she can tell that Tara's car crash was no accident. When she starts asking questions, things quickly spin out of control, leaving Abby on the run and a mysterious young hit man named Dax Blackwell hard on her heels.

Full of pulse-pounding tension, If She Wakes is a searing, breakneck thriller from the genre's "best of the best" (Michael Connelly).

About the Author

Michael Koryta is the New York Times bestselling author of thirteen novels, most recently, How It Happened. His previous novels--including Rise the Dark, Last Words, Those Who Wish Me Dead, and So Cold the River--were New York Times notable books, national bestsellers, and have been nominated for numerous awards, including having won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Koryta is a former private investigator and newspaper reporter. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana, and Camden, Maine.

Praise For…

"an edgy suspense
story...that brilliantly plays on the primal fear of being buried alive."—Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

"Multi-award winning
author Michael Koryta again shows his affinity for smoothly melding
sophisticated action with solid character development - even when one of the
individuals is in a coma... Koryta is such a
polished writer that his plots zip by as he delves into the amorality of Dax
and the humanity of Abby and Tara, whose personality emerges, despite being
paralyzed. Believable twists propel the tense "If She Wakes" as it moves to a
surprising finale."—Associated Press

"Koryta keeps the action fast
and furious, tempered with his characters' determination to persevere against
all odds."—Bookpage

at creating Hitchcockian moments, Koryta keeps the suspense high throughout."—Publisher's Weekly

"It's a measure of how good this book is that the chilling,
masterfully sustained suspense is only one of its standout achievements. Koryta
never brushes off anyone's death; he makes you feel for the victims. The
relationship between Tara and her sibling is beautifully nuanced, full of
revealing details going back to their childhood. Koryta has never been better
than with this knuckle-biting thriller."—Kirkus

"it's the human
element, the stories of two young women trying to reclaim their lives, that
makes If She Wakes so compelling."—Tampa Bay Times

"Koryta tries his hand
at psychological suspense with excellent results."—Crime Reads

"Instantly gripping, with realistic action, a breath-snatching
twist, and a few untied ends that hopefully signal a sequel."—Booklist
Product Details
ISBN: 9780316294003
ISBN-10: 0316294004
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication Date: May 14th, 2019
Pages: 400